Corona Virus: The United States is the largest epidemic in the world

Corona Virus: The United States is the largest epidemic in the world, with the number of infections exceeding 82,000

Corona Virus: The United States is the largest epidemic country

Thursday, the number of infections in the Coronavirus in the United States exceeded 82,000, becoming the largest epidemic in the world, while international efforts are continuing in an effort to tackle the global virus. French President Emmanuel Macron said in a tweet on Twitter that he was presenting alongside his American counterpart Donald Trump a new initiative to fight the epidemic. 

The French president's announcement came hours after the G20 leaders pledged at a summit gathered on the Internet Thursday, to form a united front to face the repercussions of the epidemic.

The number of Coronavirus infections in the United States on Thursday exceeded those recorded in countries of the world including China and Italy, at a time when the virus continues to seriously affect the global economy.

Johns Hopkins University said Thursday that more than 82,000 HIV infections have been recorded in the United States. On Thursday, Italy recorded a total of 80,539 injuries and China 81,285 cases, according to an AFP count.

International action to address the epidemic

In the context of international efforts to tackle the epidemic, French President Emmanuel Macron praised his phone conversation with US President Donald Trump about tackling the spread of the Coronavirus. Macron tweeted, “A very good discussion with Donald Trump,” adding, “We are preparing with other countries an important new initiative” in the face of the Covid 19 crisis.

Europe bears a heavy burden at this stage as well, in which more than 268 thousand injuries were diagnosed, and 15,500 deaths, mostly in Italy (8165) and Spain (4089), according to a toll from the French News Agency announced on Thursday at 17:00 GMT.

In the face of an unprecedented global crisis, the leaders of the Group of Twenty countries affirmed at the end of an emergency summit via video Thursday their commitment to face the repercussions of the Corona epidemic on a united front, pledging to pump $ 5 trillion into the world economy

The G20, which makes up about a third of the world's population and three-quarters of the world's gross domestic product, has come under criticism for not coordinating its efforts before the emergency summit chaired by Saudi Arabia.

Despite measures to limit global mobility, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the epidemic that is forcing more than three billion people around the world to stay with their homes "threatens all of humanity."

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