Most important things to avoid when traveling to Australia

Things to avoid when traveling to Australia

Most important things to avoid when traveling to Australia

Sometimes Australia may seem like another world, it is largely isolated from the rest of the other destinations around the world, has a relatively different set of rules, wildlife and landscapes compared to the rest of the world, and while Australians are largely friendly, they have their own rules Which they prefer foreign visitors not to violate.

To avoid problems and misunderstanding during your trip to Australia, let us together review some of the most important things to avoid when traveling to Australia:
 Do not attempt to swim on any Australian beach until you are sure it is completely safe to swim

Avoid leaving the public bus before giving thanks to the driver in words, because Australians greatly appreciate courtesy and discipline when they act, and they see otherwise as deliberate ignorance and misconduct.

Avoid leaving the area of the flag while swimming in Australian beaches even if you are a skilled swimmer. The water stream in Australian beaches is very volatile and may be dangerous even for the most skilled swimmers, so be sure to commit to swimming in the safe area on Australian beaches that are specified by the flags.

Do not ignore the use of sunscreen, especially during the summer season as daylight hours increase and the sun rays are so intense in Australia that they sometimes cause beachgoers who are not wary of third-degree burns.

Avoid speaking loudly or making noise on the subway or public buses during the rush hour, especially if you notice that all the passengers around you are silent, and in case you violate this expect to speak to you around you and demand that you remain calm.

Avoid driving fast because the laws in Australia are so strict on this matter that there are quite several disguised officers and surveillance cameras specially set up to make sure everyone complies with traffic rules.

Avoid staying in rural areas or far from working means of transportation, because the rural areas in Australia are vast and secluded, and it is easy to get lost in the road unless you are accompanied by evidence. Also, the dates of traffic in rural areas in Australia are not precisely defined compared to cities, which makes you vulnerable to being stuck in a secluded place for long hours.

Do not ignore the warnings about climate variability in Australia, especially those related to storms, as they are very dangerous in Australia, so if climate warnings are issued during your trip in Australia, be careful and follow the instructions issued by the concerned authorities in this regard and avoid doing what threatens your safety such as driving through sunken roads In the water, in windy weather, camping near huge trees, or swimming in fickle weather.

Do not attempt to swim on any Australian beach unless you are sure it is completely safe for swimming. Usually, beaches in major cities in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane are safe to swim, unlike the West Coast beaches in the country that are known to be shark centering areas.
Avoid getting too close to kangaroos or disturbing them because, despite their gentle, peaceful appearance, they are volatile, irritable, and they can begin to attack if they feel the least annoyance.

Avoid going on exploratory excursions in nature in Australia alone, even for a small distance, as this makes you vulnerable to many dangers, such as getting lost or injured by the act of stinging spiders and poisonous snakes.

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