Switzerland Immigration and Work 2020

Switzerland Immigration and Work 2020

Before you want to leave your country and  come to Switzerland, make sure you understand your legal status according to your nationality. You may need a visa, a residence permit, a work permit or not, so read our guide to the legal requirements to come to Switzerland and ask for help.

What permits do you need to live in Switzerland?

If you come to live, work or study in Switzerland, you may be asked for a visa, residence permit, or work permit.

So be prepared to spend a lot of time collecting your documents and waiting for responses as some permits must be applied for from your country so this process should start long before you move to Switzerland.

For many foreigners, Swiss immigration laws are complex and confusing (Swiss people often think so). In this section, we provide an overview of the most important legal aspects and application procedures to consider.

If you are not familiar with European policy, Switzerland is one of the few European countries that are not part of the EU. However, in 2002, the bilateral agreement with the EU changed labor and residence permits to a large extent. European and harder for citizens of other countries.

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