Bicester village welcomes the end of the year with a unique ambiance

Bicester village Group welcomes the end of the year with a unique ambiance

Bicester village

The end of the year season has set in a charming and intimate atmosphere this winter, with shopping becoming a delight from the elegant stores with its bright façades and the snow-pondering of the window with a cup of hot cocoa. 

The villages of the Bicester Group at this time of the year shine in a unique style that mimics fantasy stories, whether through spectacular scenery evoking the charm of the English countryside or luxury festive desserts.

Although the 11 villages are a picturesque retreat in the summer, they are the perfect destination for the winter season and meet the aspirations of visitors for a rich shopping experience or a festive rural holiday. The villages are inviting visitors from around the world to experience traditional festivals.

With a wide spectrum of shops amid exceptional winter views, spectacular light shows, and live entertainment as well as charming forests and traditional food markets. Each village offers its unique surprises this season and allows its guests to spend unforgettable memories and moments of joy and joy.

Gifts of a purposeful human nature


The Bicester Village Group celebrates the season of gratitude by offering sustainable gift wrappers made from 100% recyclable and degradable materials in the nine shopping villages in Europe. Designed from the group's classic postcard lineup, this year comes in two traditional festive styles with biodegradable ribbons that offer beautifully decorated and purposeful messages.

The selected villages also offer guests a gift-wrapping service by experts who ensure that the perfect gift is prepared when the shopping is finished. The proceeds of this service will go to a group of local charities affiliated to the villages, while the proceeds of wrapping paper will be donated to charity.

The group is also keen to implement meaningful initiatives in the village of Bicester Village, near London, where guests can explore the true value of fashion by visiting the temporary store of The Mayet Collective, which will open until December 23 to offer products from a range of ethical luxury brands. With ready-to-wear, beauty care and accessories, leading to lifestyle products and stylish jewelry. Elegance enthusiasts will be able to enrich their look with exceptional pieces from the creation of a diverse and changing list of 40 designers with whom the group collaborates.

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