Best Boutique Shops in Seoul

The Best Boutique Shops in ​​the Korean Capital Seoul

South Korea, with its capital Seoul in particular, is one of the best shopping destinations in Southeast Asia, especially for real fashion enthusiasts who are looking for the latest trends in the world of fashion, but they are likely to find it very difficult to choose from countless numbers of Shopping and high-end boutiques in Seoul, so it's often the best option - especially for those looking for the best boutique stores in the South Korean capital - to head straight to the upscale Gangnam district of Seoul, which offers a selection of the best and finest boutiques that you can To find In Seoul.

Here are some of the best boutiques you can find in Gangnam:

Kimmy J Store

It is the main branch of one of South Korea's most famous fashion brands, Kimmy J, which stands behind the famous Korean fashion designer Heejin Kim. The store offers a selection of the best and latest designs that you often see only at Seoul Fashion Week.


If you prefer a modern or stylish casual look, WORKS OUT Gangnam is the perfect place for you. It offers a collection of the best and latest creations of famous fashion brands specialized in casual or "street views" including Obey, Carhartt, Brixton. Being easily located in a building with a unique architectural design by Andrea Caputo, the store is also a great destination for those who appreciate modern architecture.

Rare Market Store

One of the best and most popular shops you can find in Seoul, the store is Dami, the sister of Korean music legend Jae Dragon from the famous BIG BANG. South Korea's most successful K-Pop bands, but the link to one of the most popular K-Pop music stars are not the only attraction of the store as it offers a large selection of the best creations of Korean and international brands, as well as the first water bar in Seoul.

Shop "Around The Corner"

You can find in this wonderful store a range of the best designs and creations of famous Korean brands as well as the designs of many promising international brands, the store also provides a large and exceptional range of skincare and cosmetics and even a wonderful selection of the finest brands of coffee brands, which made The store is a favorite of coffee lovers in Seoul.

Shop "AVEC 9"

If you are looking for one of the best furniture and home décor stores you can find in Seoul, AVEC 9 is the perfect place for you, offering a wide variety of the best furniture and home décor designed by 50 amazing brands. Bright and bold colors, with a modern and unique design.

Shop "JAJU"

Another popular store in Seoul, renowned for its high-quality, eco-friendly products of furniture, decoration, and handicrafts, was once a sub-brand of the famous Korean retail chain E-Mart, before becoming an independent brand. It is not overpriced unlike many other home decor and furniture stores that you can find in Seoul.

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