Information you need to know before visiting Miami

Information you need to know before visiting Miami

Miami is one of the most popular destinations in the United States, but it is rather complicated. 

To save you from the tourist traps and critical social situations, we have compiled a few tips to help you tour Miami like a local person.

In this list, here's the information you need to know before visiting Miami.

Miami residents take the beach etiquette seriously

From the beaches of Miami

Visiting Miami without crossing to the beach is like going to Paris and forgetting to see the Eiffel Tower - this doesn't happen! But before you head to one of Miami's many beaches, there is something you should know: When it comes to the beach, Miami residents have some non-negotiable rules, and everyone is expected to follow them. 

Respect the space of others, Miami beaches are long and spacious, leaving plenty of room to find your place. Needless to say: leaving garbage behind you is rejected.

Watch out! Coffee in Miami is stronger than it looks

More than half of Miami residents are of Cuban origin, so Miami has many details like you are in Cuba, from eating, drinking to dress, but the biggest gift from Cuba to Miami is the famous Cuban coffee. 

It may look harmless, but the size of a small Cuban espresso - black with a little sugar - makes up for a large amount of caffeine. This espresso is found almost anywhere in the city, so be sure to limit your intake.

Don't eat in Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive in Miami is special but not perfect for dining

When it comes to great sights and beautiful beaches, Ocean Drive is the place for you. But when it's time to eat, avoid this place. Ocean Drive restaurants are not only expensive, but the type and quality of food are not worth the expensive sums. 

Although you will find many options up and down the perfect Miami Beach Street, the restaurants there are mainly aimed at attracting lost tourists, without paying attention to food as an experience in itself.

Instead, enjoy the ambiance in Ocean Drive, then make your way to dining hotspots like Wynwood, Little Havana, Brickell, and the city center.

Public transportation in Miami? Exists, but it is difficult

Miami boasts the largest transit system in Florida, but unfortunately, this does not mean that it is easy to use. 

Buses, though clean and air-conditioned, have routes that run through very busy roads and often run behind schedule. Miami Trolley is a fun and free way to get around the city, but it only works in certain parts of the city, and the same applies to the limited Metromover and Metrorail routes. Therefore, the best ways to navigate are mobility applications.

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