Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery USA 2021

Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery USA 2021


You will be able to apply for an immigration visa easily from the 2nd of October until the 5th of November of the same year.

You must also perform a separate application for your spouse. In this case, you will have an additional opportunity. Not to Take them with you on your travels.

Papers and documents required to apply for random immigration to America 2021:

Valid passport.

Photo size 5 x 5 and size 600 x 600-megapixel white background. In case you have a wife and children you must provide a photo of each member of the family

Your Personal data is in the passport.

Conditions for applying for immigration 2021:

The applicant must have at least a high school diploma or a high qualification, provided that the chances of winning are equal among all qualifications.

The applicant must have completed his military service because he will be required to present the original certificate of conscription.

In case the applicant is a student, he can obtain a travel permit and postpone military service.

If the applicant is married, he/she must include his / her status in the information and no falsification of personal data is permitted.

If the applicant is married, he would prefer to present him and his wife. If one wins, he can easily add the other and the children.

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