Black Matsumoto Castle

Black Matsumoto Castle

If you prefer to spend time exploring the famous historical sights of the cities and tourist areas during your trips, perhaps you should seriously consider traveling to a tourist trip to Japan, where there are countless historical sights worth seeing, including Matsumoto Castle in Matsumoto From Nagano Prefecture.

Matsumoto Castle (Matsumoto-jō), also known as Japan's oldest castles and one of five famous historical castles in Japan, is renowned as Japan's national treasures.

Matsumoto Castle, which dates back to 1592 in the 16th century The Sengoku Period, with its dazzling black-and-white exterior design, is also known as the Black Castle, Raven Castle or Karasu-jo in Japanese.

The distinctive exterior and interior design of Matsumoto Castle:

The most striking feature of Matsumoto Castle's exterior design is its elegant black walls and three towers that dominate the castle, and its tiny wooden windows that archers and fighters used in the distant past to fight enemies while barricading inside the castle. The castle is also characterized by its distinctive interior design, which includes low ceilings and walls. It is adorned with weapons, ancient Japanese samurai armor, and steep stairs.

Matsumoto Castle is also conveniently located, offering stunning views of the Japanese Alps, Matsumoto City and the castle's moat filled with beautiful colorful koi fish and pelicans.

Matsumoto Castle's peak tourist seasons and the most important annual events hosted by the Castle:

Matsumoto Castle is one of the most important historical monuments in Japan, so expect to have to wait for some time to enter the castle tower and the waiting time to enter the castle up to two hours during the peak tourist season in late April until the beginning of the Golden Week in Japan in May and days Summer holidays in mid-August, and in such cases where crowds around the castle intensify, numbered tickets are issued to regulate the entry of the castle. 

If you are unable to enter the castle you can check out the dazzling exterior of the castle and watch the beautifully lit castle during the evenings.

Matsumoto Castle Events

Matsumoto Castle is renowned for hosting an impressive array of annual events, including cherry-watching (Japanese sakura trees) in April each year, where many gather to watch open cherry blossoms and take pictures. Drum Festival, the Takigi Noh Festival, or the Torch Performances Festival, the castle also hosts a lunar observance every fall and is held in a dedicated moon observation area inside the castle.

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