The Most Important Things to know Before Traveling to London

The Most Important Things to know Before Traveling to London

London is one of the most important tourist destinations for the Arab traveler is the capital of Britain's ancient and enjoy all the elements of the holiday suitable for individuals and families.

London offers the finest historical and cultural attractions, picturesque museums, charming gardens, and upscale shopping destinations as well as cafes, restaurants and entertainment destinations.

Today, we offer you some of the most important tips and information you should know before traveling to London to enjoy an amazing holiday in the fog capital.

Don't forget to buy an Oyster card

The Oyster Card in London is an electronic card sold at metro stations, trains and kiosks. It is suitable for tourists as it offers discounts and savings on various means in the city such as buses, trams, trains, etc. It is useful in saving money as it saves approximately 50 percent of the transportation budget.

Buy a London card

The London Pass is one of London's most convenient and easy-to-navigate cards. It offers access to over 60 of the city's most famous landmarks with amazing discounts and eliminates long queues for tickets.

Explore free landmarks

There are many amazing free attractions in London that you can visit with your family to enjoy the time without spending a lot of money such as the British Museum, National Gallery, Museum of Natural History, Royal Academy of Music and other attractions that can be found online.

Try the Broadway Market

Shopping is a major pleasure in London, but high prices stand in the way of some families, but London has different types of markets to suit all budgets such as user markets and Broadway, which offers souvenirs, clothing, and food.

Choose the right time to visit London

It is best to visit London in the off-peak times of summer when prices are high in accommodation, flights, and services, and all sights, cafes, and restaurants are very crowded.

Stay away from tourist restaurants

It is best to stay away from the restaurants surrounding the sights as they are often expensive and prefer to buy food from kiosks sandwiches and small local restaurants away from the sights.

Prepare suitable clothes

The weather in London is unpredictable and difficult to predict. The sun can be shining to turn into rain, so you should take a variety of clothes, including a raincoat, an umbrella and light pullover sweaters.

Book your landmark tickets online

It is preferable to book tickets to important tourist sites online before going to avoid overcrowding in ticket queues and time-consuming, especially at landmarks such as the Tower of London and Madame Tussauds.

Select nearby accommodation

Whether you choose luxury or medium hotels, you should not choose distant hotels on the outskirts of the city.

Plan your trip in advance

London is an enormous city where not all its sights and attractions can be seen, and the lack of a specific plan before you visit will make you move randomly between areas leading to the loss of time, so you must make a schedule and a specific plan of the visit before going through prioritization.

Split time intelligently

Time in London should be smartly split with flexibility in adjusting plans, as the weather in London is unpredictable! When it is rainy, it is best to visit museums, art galleries, and shopping malls. Sunny weather is ideal for visiting open gardens and monuments.

Buses are better than metro

In London, tourists are advised to use buses instead of the metro. They are cheaper, as well as an opportunity for sightseeing and unique architecture.

Not booking in distant hotels

London is a huge country and booking in a remote area means wasting time to get to private places and a great financial cost and using buses do not waste your time or money and book nearby.

No need to tip

Tipping is not mandatory in London, the bill includes service charges, but you can provide it as you wish.

Avoid pickpocket accidents

London is one of the most stolen cities in Europe, especially in tourist areas, so it is preferable to put special items in a backpack or waist. Avoid keeping valuable items or showing them in public places. 

It is also preferable to pay attention to mobile devices in restaurants and cafes and not leave them on the table.

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