The Best Tourist Destinations in November 2019

The Best Tourist Destinations in November 2019 For Families

By November, many families prefer to enjoy a quiet autumn holiday where the tourist areas are free of congestion and this time precedes the busy holiday season.

Many tourist destinations are suitable for families to embark on a pleasant trip during November, where the atmosphere of tranquility and recreation in the autumn.

Today we choose a selection of the best tourist destinations in November 2019 for families.

Bali island

Bali is one of the finest destinations for individuals and families, enjoying the tranquility of charming and picturesque nature where the atmosphere of relaxation and recreation is ideal for a holiday full of fun.

Bali offers entertainment, privacy, and many more destinations to add to the excitement of the trip. Uluwatu Temple can be visited on a high hill overlooking the scenic mountains of Bali.

You can also enjoy recreation on the picturesque Dreamland Beach, which was freshwater, soft sand, and grassy mountain scenes. There you can go swimming and water sports and enjoy delicious cuisine in fine restaurants and cafes.

Do not forget to visit the scenic Bali waterfalls that flow into the mountains and provide a pleasant visit in the heart of nature, as well as rice terraces surrounded by villages offering various industries associated with rice.

The Botanical Garden of Bali is a charming nature reserve with a tropical atmosphere of thousands of rare plant species, medicinal herbs, and amazing spices, as well as a safari park that offers scenes of animals in their natural environment.


The month of November is one of the most beautiful times to visit Egypt, which enjoys all kinds of tourism such as recreational and therapeutic tourism, beach destinations and historical and cultural attractions unique and amazing.

Visit the pyramids of Giza, the pharaoh's monument and one of the seven wonders of the world, and learn about the stunning Islamic monuments such as the medieval Citadel of Salah al-Din.

Visit the ancient 13th-century Qaitbay Citadel on the beachfront in Alexandria and enjoy sitting in cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea and the harbor.

Visit the stunning Abu Simbel Temple in southern Egypt, Philae Temple and Karnak Temple, one of the most important archaeological temples in the world, and enjoy the magical tranquility and relaxation in the area of ​​Aswan and Nubia.

For lovers of warm beach destinations, you can head to Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada and relax in the resorts and beach villas and wonderful practice of swimming and night in the cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea.


Croatia is a charming destination in southeastern Europe and offers nature fun on the banks of the Adriatic with the beauty of mountainous terrain, lakes, beaches, and historical monuments.

Zagreb's finest medieval landmarks can be explored with Gothic-style cathedrals, archaeological towers, historic squares, and magnificent antique gardens.

In Dubrovnik you can enjoy a holiday like magic, this city resembles the splendor of Italian Venice and has fallen in the nobility in Europe since the Renaissance where it includes historical palaces and scenes of houses overlooking the sea and many beaches and luxury resorts.

The Kornati National Park, which is home to 89 islands, boasts the finest rare flora, fauna and medieval ruins, as well as the opportunity for sea sports and sailing.

The islands can be strolled in Croatia, where unique mountainous terrain, magnificent coves and historical monuments such as castles and palaces overlooking the sea date back to the Roman, Byzantine and Middle Ages.


Spain is a magnificent country in Europe and its visit is always a wonderful idea at any time of the year. It shines with the splendor of nature, unique heritage and distinctive historical landmarks due to the succession of civilizations.

In Spain, guests can enjoy visiting the Alhambra, which was built by the Arabs in the 14th century overlooking the city of Granada and glamorous in a stunning Arabic style.

The 500-year-old Alcazar Palace in Seville, built during the 500 years of Arab rule, enjoys Andalusian architecture with stunning gardens.

In Cucina, the magnificence of the Middle Ages can be found in the most spectacular buildings and cathedrals overlooking the mountains in a charming Gothic style.

In Barcelona you can spend time getting to know the finest architectural monuments such as Barcelona's Gothic-style Cathedral, touring the old town with historic squares and archaeological buildings and visiting the Pablo Picasso Museum.

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