Palaces Of Fantasy In Munich

Palaces Of Fantasy In Munich

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is one of the most popular and exciting tourist destinations in the country. 

Munich has many great attractions and landmarks in many ways. Today we will focus on this area, if you are interested in engineering, history, royal ambiance or even charming luxury, follow us with the most beautiful and beautiful palaces near Munich that deserve your visit.

Neuschwanstein Palace

This palace is perhaps the most famous palace in the world where Disney is said to have been inspired by its magical stories. The palace was built in the 19th century when King Ludwig II used his own money to build it, and the palace was inspired by the Romantic movement. 

The rooms in the palace are breathtaking and full of meaning. Notable rooms include the colorful lobby and the king's basic room.

Burghausen Palace

Just 90 minutes east of Munich, this characteristic palace near the border with Austria overlooks the Salzach pony and ranks among the most complex in the world. The palace was built in the 11th century and tours can be organized in it. 

Be sure to visit the six distinctive back gardens and discover the stunning Gothic art collection at the palace gallery. Also, don't forget to ask for directions to the roof of the palace where you can see the most beautiful scenery of the river and the border with Austria.

Hohenschwangau Palace

If you head south-west of Munich, you'll find this very special palace. This 19th-century mansion was the home of King Ludwig II when he was a child and had many distinctive details worth visiting. One of the most famous of these features is the "Swan Fountain" outside as well as the salons and luxurious dance rooms in the palace.

Linderhof Palace

Just 100 kilometers from Munich and near a town called Oberammergau, this palace was also one of King Ludwig's favorite places. 

The palace was built in the style of French architecture during the nineteenth century and includes a lot of beautiful interiors, heavy fabrics and beautiful decorations. 

While the inside of the palace draws attention, the gardens outside it are worth visiting and exploring in detail.

Nuremberg Palace

In this city, a magnificent palace dominates its historical center and his visit means a tour of the heart of the Roman Empire where Nuremberg played an important role in this empire during the Middle Ages. 

The palace grabs the spotlight with its interior and exterior design and is visited by many from Munich on a trip to neighboring Nuremberg.

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