Zurich a rich city in nature that appeals you to explore

Zurich a rich city in nature that appeals you to explore

Families are confused at the beginning of the summer wherever they choose to spend their vacation. She wants an exquisite natural place full of life, activities, and experiences that suit family members of all ages. Perhaps Zurich is one of the most creative stations for families, satisfying all their wishes.

Zurich is a very beautiful city

Zurich is a very beautiful city, and is full of sporting, cultural and cultural activities. Exploring it is fun. The scenery is spectacular and overlooks the Lemat River, which runs between the old and the modern city, and the Lake Zurich, surrounded by lush green mountains. Getting around Zurich is a pleasure, whether it's a walk between the streets of the old town and its antique buildings, or on a boat that takes you on a tour around the huge lake. Lake Zurich Navigation Company offers short trips, including Thalwil and Erlenbach, which take about an hour and a half, or long-haul trips to Reichterswil, which takes about two and a half hours. It also offers specialized trips, including a trip that offers the famous fondues, as well as other trips, offer different experiences and activities. From 5 to 7 this month, the city celebrates the Zuri Fascht, the largest festival in Zurich. The city becomes a huge party and organizes activities throughout the city. Saturday and Sunday conclude with fireworks on the tunes of music, which can be followed on a boat that organizes special trips for the occasion.

Lake Zurich is a popular destination for locals and visitors. Its banks are full of restaurants and cafes where local and international cuisine can be tasted. Its freshwater can be enjoyed in one of the many swimming pools on its beach. Tiefnbrunnen may be the largest and most popular. Frauenbadi, a beautiful art-nouveau style architecture, is reserved for women only during the day, and in the evening it becomes a cultural center where concerts are held. There are many sports on the lake, including canoeing and skiing.


The Zurich Zoo ensures a pleasant experience for the whole family and can spend a full day without getting bored. The park is located in an area overlooking Zurich, close to the luxurious Dolder Grand Hotel, which takes care of the Laughing Cochabara bird, giving a gift to every child who sees this bird in the zoo and takes a picture. It is easily accessible using public transport such as a tram or a funicular (the Funicular suspension train), and the latter is an entertaining experience for children and adults alike. The zoo covers an area of ​​27 hectares and is the largest and most visited cultural and educational institution in Switzerland. The zoo is home to about 4,000 animals from 380 species that have been placed in special environments built to contain them. When you roam in multiple sections, you move from one environment or country to another in one day. Masoala Rainforest, built-in 2003 as a milestone in the zoo's journey to becoming a center for animal survival. Maswala is teeming with trees and animals that live in tropical forests, so forget that you are in Europe when you step in to discover them because they take you to the real environment of their animals. On top of that, Negrita, the 70-year-old giant Galapagos tortoise, has lived in the park since 1946. You go out and move to the plains of Savannah and the headquarters of elephants. There you are the guest watching these giant animals in an environment similar to their natural environment .. Eat, play and play with mud and water. Families of elephants are like free-living under a wooden dome that is an extension of the nature of the trees.

Different museums

Zurich and its surroundings are full of museums that attract both adults and children. The FIFA World Football Museum, which opened in 2016, is an important destination for football fans. The visit begins with a short film, and you can then participate in many interactive games that appeal to people of any age. An original World Cup and more than 1,000 football-related items, as well as jerseys of all FIFA associations, will be on display. The museum also has a library, a café, and a cinema. One of the must-visit museums in the Technorama Science Museum in Winterthur, which is about 40 minutes from Zurich city center (by train). Plan to spend a lot of time there because you won't be able to convince your children to leave. The nice thing is that you don't need to be interested in science to enjoy his visit, it makes science fun. It is unique in that, unlike other museums where everything can be touched. Based on the principle of learning through play, visitors have the opportunity to experience hundreds of natural and technological phenomena in more than 500 experiment stations. You can also build your own machines in the inventor's workshop. The Schloss Kyburg Museum, in the castle of Kyburg near Winterthur, takes visitors to the Middle Ages.

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