Travel tips for a charming holiday in Spain

Travel tips for a charming holiday in Spain

Travel tips for a charming holiday in Spain

One of the most beautiful tourist countries in the world, Spain has unmatched beauty, and it has a magical geographic diversity that requires several trips to the Imam in all its magnificent aspects.

Spain offers tourist fun for everyone, individuals and families. It includes the most beautiful historical monuments of different civilizations, as well as the best beaches and coastal resorts, as well as leisure destinations and luxury shops.

Today we offer a range of travel tips for Spain that reveals a bunch of essential information and facts before your trip to this beautiful country.

Date of dinner

Unlike the rest of Europe, dinner starts late in Spain, where dinner is at 22. You should know the dates of the restaurant you want to go to, especially if it is only open for dinner.

Using public transport

Expenditures in Spain can be saved by public transport such as buses and trains: they are clean, regular and well priced, and are spread across wide networks throughout the country.

Spaniards speak several languages

You must know the region you are heading to Spanish speaks different languages ​​depending on the region: Catalan, Portuguese, Galician, etc.

Attention to theft

Avoid theft and monuments in Barcelona, ​​famous for tourist fraud incidents as well as cases of moving bags, where you should avoid trusting strangers and hide valuables in a backpack and preferably left at the hotel.

Learn more about the weather

The weather varies greatly according to the regions of Spain. You should study the climate of the area you want to visit and prepare the right clothes in your bag. Some areas may be very hot in summer and require light clothing.

Do not neglect to visit the countryside

Many people forget to visit the Spanish countryside amid fears of the charm of the big cities, but the Spanish countryside is a wonderful experience not to be missed. It is full of landscapes to visit during your trip.

Know the date of napping

The Spaniards are eager to take a nap between 2 pm and 5 pm because everyone goes home, even children and many nearby shops and restaurants at this time. You should coordinate your visits and purchase your needs.

No need for tips

Hints are not mandatory in Spain, as you do not have to pay tips at restaurants and hotels unless you wish.

Book early landmarks

It is recommended that you book your guided tour tickets online to avoid long queues and appalling crowds around important sites that occupy much of your day.

Plan your trip well

Spain is a very large and diverse region. Plan your trip well to include many areas that reveal the nature and charm of Spain, not just to visit shopping streets or seaside resorts.

Know the dates of the festivals

Spain is famous for many festivals as it is described as a daily festival in the country. You must plan your trip based on the history of one of these festivals to live an exciting and unique experience.

Don't miss the Spanish cooking experience

Spanish cuisine is one of the extraordinary life experiences. It carries traces of many civilizations and enjoys a good international reputation, not only from Arabic and Western cuisine and forgets the experience of Spanish cuisine.

No need to buy water

Tap water is pure and safe in big cities like Madrid and Barcelona, ​​so you don't have to spend your budget to buy bottled water.

Alhambra ticket

Some important sites such as the Alhambra are expensive and may not be available at certain times of the year. It is therefore recommended that you book this unique attraction online in advance.

Avoid the black market

Spain is famous for its black market where tickets are sold for major sporting events such as ball games and token tickets, but there are many monuments cases for tourists who sell fake tickets it is always best to book early online.

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