Tips for a Memorable Trip in Jordan

Tips for a Memorable Trip in Jordan

When you arrive in Jordan, the first thing you hear is “Where are you from?” And then welcome to Jordan!

In Jordan, tour guides, bus drivers, shops, children, and people on the streets were welcomed several times

Everybody will welcome you in kindness, so it's no wonder that this charming destination is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Middle East to visit.

Tips to help you during the visit

Take the bus to some of the most famous places

There is no better way to experience culture than using local transportation in various commutes, and although there are no specific bus stops in Jordan, but once you start talking to locals and asking for help, you will be surprised by the splendor of locals who will try to welcome you and introduce you to the right path, they will even pay you for the bus fare as a kind of hospitality in their beautiful country.

Stay in locally owned hotels

Locally owned hotels offer a great opportunity to discover the culture of the country, where they hold fun evening parties, as well as local dining, and many wonderful recommendations to visit the most famous tourist places in this country filled with wonderful sights and archaeological, and you will not really get this kind of local service In large hotels.

Drink tea

When you are asked to drink tea with someone in Jordan, know that it is not really about tasting tea, but about the social aspect. As other cultures often ask, “How are you?” Jordanians ask, “Do you want some tea?” So it seems that you will have plenty of tea when you travel to Jordan.

Roam the lesser-known cities

There are a lot of things to see and do in Amman, but if you want to get a little deeper into the local culture, take the bus to some of the lesser-known communities and cities, to get to know local life better. 

All you have to do is walk around, and of course, you will start meeting people and locals who invite you inside.

Salt Village is the ideal village to learn about local life, a village that was located in the hills outside Amman and is the most important settlement in the area between the Jordan Valley and the Eastern Desert. 

Due to its history as an important trade link between the Eastern Desert and the West, it was an important place for many of the region's rulers.

Feynan Ecolodge Jordan

Perhaps the most interesting thing in Jordan, dear traveler, is the Bedouin communities, especially as the inhabitants of those communities are still present in Jordan and already maintain their customs and traditions that they will treat you during your visit.

I stayed in a Bedouin community at Feynan Inn, near Dana Nature Reserve, where the hostel employs about 27 local Bedouin as employees on tasks ranging from cooking to reception duties and to making candles (because the inn has no electricity).

Also during your visit, you can explore the Biosphere Reserve or take a stroll around the area and get to know the local community. 

As elsewhere in Jordan, there is a good chance to be invited by someone's tent for tea!

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