The Best Places to buy Souvenirs in Milan

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The Best Places to buy Souvenirs in Milan

The Best Places to buy Souvenirs in Milan

Whether you are looking for some local products like textiles or decorative items to carry with you to your home country after your return from Milan to serve as a memory of your trip to Milan or you are looking for luxury items designed by Milan to offer souvenirs to your close associates or even a range of famous local foods and dishes in After your return home, you will find all this and more at Milan's souks, which are the perfect destination to enjoy shopping and get everything you might want to buy as souvenirs. 

Here are some of the best places to buy souvenirs in Milan:

Supermarket "La Rinascente Design":

La Rinascente Design

It is the Italian version of the famous Harrods or Sachs chain in Milan. You can also find in this store a wonderful collection of high-quality kitchenware from the brand Alessi, and much more.

Studio Dimore:

Studio Dimore

If you are looking for elegant and unique furniture or décor, you may want to try visiting this wonderful store, which is also famous as a famous furniture and décor exhibition in Milan. 

The store also offers an impressive range of decorative pieces and furniture designed by famous Italian and international brands such as Fendi, Hermès, Aesop, also offers an impressive range of small furniture and home décor that is easy to carry in nylon bags and includes exquisite cushions, carpets, lamps, and vases.

Corraini 121 :

Corraini 121

It is a wonderful publishing house and art gallery dedicated to books and provides a wonderful collection of design books, drawings, and photography also provides a wonderful collection of decorative tools and beautiful prints that can be used as a distinctive decoration for the coffee table or walls of the house.

Pasticceria Cucchi Bakery:

Pasticceria Cucchi Bakery

Founded in 1936, this wonderful bakery is described as one of the best places to sell traditional Italian bakery and desserts in Milan. It offers different types of cakes and fresh bread. 

The most important feature of the bakery offered in this store is the fact that it is made from traditional home recipes. They are available for sale in different sizes starting from 0.75 kg for 25 euros, and besides the luxurious pastries, you can also find in this store various types of delicious Italian coffee.

Supermarket "Eataly":

Supermarket "Eataly"

Both are another ideal destination for high-quality Italian local food in Milan, especially smoked meats and salmon, many of which can be found at the Peck shop, which dates back to 1883, and a wide variety of chocolates. 

Delicious Italian and cold organic olive oil along with a large variety of local drinks, especially at the Eataly supermarket, which is fairly well priced and somewhat economical compared to other Milan food stores.

Navigli Antique Market:

Navigli Antique Market

If you happen to be in Milan on the last Sunday of the month, you may want to check out the popular Navigli market where you can enjoy shopping and buying local Italian goods, especially antiques inside the market overlooking a beautiful canal.

The table is made of white linen and decorated with beautiful decorations, pots and traditional glassware, and even the old classic lamps and Italian traditional clothing.

The market is open to visitors on the last Sunday of every month from 8 am to 6 pm Although some sellers in the market usually begin to close their shops from four o'clock in the afternoon.

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