How to spend an enjoyable holiday at the lowest cost In Bali

How to spend an enjoyable holiday 

at the lowest cost In Bali

The cost of tourism in Bali and an economic guide to spending an enjoyable Bali vacation on the most beautiful islands and at the lowest cost of tourism in Bali.

Dear tourists We recommend you to visit the island of Bali to enjoy the charming atmosphere and mixing sunshine with turquoise sea water and prices are suitable for everyone and will provide you a migrant economic guide to spend a pleasant trip at the lowest cost.

* Note: 

The calculations in this article have been taken into account at the price of the dollar against the Indonesian rupiah at the time of writing; which is estimated at 13,558 rupees.

Tourism costs in Bali… Cheapest Bali flights

Tourism costs in Bali… Cheapest Bali flights

The cost of travel in Bali is Suitable for all possibilities, and the prices of air tickets rise in the high season, which is the summer in the period from May to August In order to get the cheapest flights to Bali Island you have to book in off-peak season The lowest airfare from Cairo Egypt to Bali Indonesia flight ticket is priced at 9727 EGP or 547.94 USD.

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Learn about the price of visa to Bali, and how to get it.

Learn about the price of visa to Bali, and how to get it.

Travel costs in Bali .. To spend your trip in Bali get a visa to the country and you do not need to go to the Embassy of Indonesia in your country to obtain a visa, but you can get it from Bali airport or port when you arrive.

Be aware that the visa when you cut it part and when you return to your country will ask you Otherwise you have to pay a fine, the minimum duration of the visa 7 days for $ 10 and more be 30 days fee of $ 25 and there are countries whose citizens do not need to obtain a visa only they  get a stamp in the passport upon arrival without the need to pay a visa fee and therefore they can Cost savings Oasis in Bali.

Find out the best budget options to stay in Bali.

The cost of tourism in Bali, suits your possibilities, the island of Bali is characterized by the presence of many hotels starting from one star to five stars and it suits all categories and prices are suitable where there are places where the price per night 200 Egyptian pounds or 11.27 is very low choose what suits you for example if you are married Modern and want to get away from the noise and recreation and enjoy nature we advise you to Ubud in Bali.

The best and cheapest hotels in Bali:

The Village Guest House 

The best and cheapest hotels in Bali:

1 star, located in Ubud, 900 meters from the market, offers a terrace, shared kitchen and private bathroom rooms rated 9 and the price per night starts at 593 EGP (33.40 USD).

The 3-star Vibe Hotel & Spa

Is a 3-minute walk from the beach. Its design is Balinese-inspired and has a rating of 8.8 and the price starts at 751 Egyptian pounds ($ 42.31).

Bali Summer Hotel 

A 3-star hotel located in downtown Kuta, 3 minutes from the beach, rated 8.4 and the price starts at 634 Egyptian Pound ($ 35.71).

Hotel Amnaya Resort Kuta 

4 stars, 12 walks from the beach, all rooms are equipped with TV screen, air conditioning and private bathrooms.

Bintang Kuta Bali Hotel 

4 stars, 10 minutes from Kuta Beach, got an 8.8 rating and the night price starts from 1,159 LE or 65.29 USD.

The 5-star Ramada Bintang Bali Resort 

offers a private beach and is a 5-minute walk from Kuta Shopping Mall. Received an assessment and the price starts at 1,890 EGP (106.47 USD).

The 5-star Sakala Bali 

All Suites Resort is located on the southeastern coast of Bali and offers a spacious outdoor pool.

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Learn about Delicious food and 

the cheapest restaurants in Bali.

Learn about Delicious food and the cheapest restaurants in Bali.

The cost of tourism in Bali has become affordable, and you can reduce the food budget by relying on street vendors scattered on the island.

In addition to carts that provide local dishes at very affordable prices and you can see the food while preparing you can make sure cleanliness.

The most important dishes ”Nasi Goering “Mei Going”, “Fried Tofu” and “Baku” will not cost you much more than restaurants, but the island is also full of restaurants that offer you delicious local and international cuisine at affordable prices and most important:

The restaurant “di Mare” Italian restaurant is located in Yijaya Kusuma Street characterized by the design of the ship and suitable prices.

Restaurant “Ku De Ta” There is on the street Laxmana offers healthy grills dishes, and you can have a fresh fish meal on Jimbaran Beach in restaurant “Wawasan”.

Restaurant The most famous Arabic restaurant in Bali offers Halal food and the Moroccan Tent restaurant. 

Moroccan cuisine is the most popular Balinese food like Balinese red snapper, Kingfish and you can eat at Kori Restaurant. “In the middle of a quiet park away from the pristine places Where meat takes your lotus flowers from everywhere.

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