European Destinations to travel This Summer

European Destinations to travel This Summer

With a few weeks left in the summer, there is the opportunity to enjoy great holidays and excursions to unique destinations to enjoy a unique time of relaxation and explore history.

There are wonderful tourist destinations in Europe are not as well known as the major European destinations, although they are no less beautiful and lack the abundance of tourist attractions and ingredients.

Today we are highlighting great European tourist destinations to explore this summer as we guarantee you a pleasant holiday and unforgettable memories.


Macedonia is a brilliant country in the Balkan region, which enjoys a charming tourist potential, although tourism arrived late, but it provides the charm of nature and splendor of history and entertainment for an unforgettable holiday.

Among the monuments, charming lakes and picturesque resorts you can succumb to a relaxing holiday and buy the finest goods and handicrafts from the old bazaar in Skopje.

Visit the stone bridge and monuments of Ottoman civilization in the capital, or embark on a journey in the heart of nature at Lake Matka and its enchanting rock caves.

Also not to be missed visit the monuments of the Matka Valley, such as churches and monasteries dating back to the Middle Ages, or visit the Mavrovo National Park to enjoy the scenery of meadows and mountain peaks.

Visitors to Macedonia can visit Lake Ohrid and the archaeological areas around it, shop in Bitola shops or learn about the ruins of Roman and Ottoman civilization in Stobi.


Montenegro is a picturesque destination overlooking the Mediterranean in the Adriatic region amidst scenic mountains and green plains.

Montenegro offers an ideal destination for families and romantic lovers thanks to the scenic nature and the finest beach resorts in addition to the temperate and warm climate.

Spend a pleasant holiday in Montenegro by wandering among the valleys, meadows, plains and rivers among the charming mountains or spending time swimming and water sports on the most beautiful beaches.

Glimpses of the country's history can be found by visiting the archaeological mosques left by the Ottoman civilization in Podgorica, or recreation in the city of Kotor, which emulates the Italian city of Venice.

It is also not to be missed to explore the most spectacular historical monuments such as castles, towers, forts and cathedrals in Herceg Novi or to experience the evening in a fun summer atmosphere in Budva.


Albania is one of the hidden European gems. This country in the Balkans, next to Greece, shines brilliantly on the beaches along the Mediterranean coast, providing spectacular scenery.

Albania enjoys its authentic character, untouched by modernity and is a prestigious resort at a price that suits all budgets with a touch of history charm.

In Albania you can enjoy exploring Tirana's historical and archaeological monuments, most of which date back to the Ottoman Empire, and sit in the finest cafes and restaurants in the historical squares to learn about the country's distinctive culinary style.

In Berat you can learn about the country's architectural heritage by visiting Ottoman and Albanian landmarks among the palaces, houses and castles that have joined the UNESCO heritage lists.

Visit the picturesque olive farms of Flora, relax on Saranda's magnificent beaches with historical castles, visit medieval landmarks and attend the carnivals of Shkodرةr.


Andorra is a small emirate located in the Pyrenees at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, providing breathtaking natural scenery, charming tranquility and romantic seclusion amid meadows and mountains.

Andorra can be reached via Barcelona to enjoy a holiday with magic and visit Andorra la Vella, which includes the finest shops, cafes, restaurants and historical monuments.

Visit the San Stefan Archaeological Church and the 16th-century Casa de la Vila Palace with unique architecture. Visit the mountain peaks of Vallorne to enjoy nature sights, cable cars and camping.

Visitors to Andorra are happy to surrender to a relaxing state of nature in Les Escaldes, where therapeutic hot springs and the opportunity to see the most beautiful monuments such as castles, palaces and bridges.

In La Cortinada you can enjoy authentic rural life with medieval historical sights and a picturesque nature of mountains and green meadows.

In Ordino, you can explore the magic of history by learning about the medieval churches, cathedrals and monasteries, and recreation in the thermal resorts of Termolodic Kalida.

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