Discover Mataram Lombok Indonesia

Discover Mataram Lombok Indonesia

There's a lot to see, do, discover and experience in Lombok, Indonesia,

If you are looking for an exciting day trip to this charming destination, Mataram, the capital of Lombok, is one of the most interesting places to visit.

Tourism in Mataram Lombok

Tourism in Mataram Lombok

Located in the western region of Lombok, Indonesia, Mataram is the largest city on this enchanting island.

Most locals speak Bahasa Sasak instead of Indonesian Bahasa, so it's best to go to Lombok with a local guide who understands the language.

Mataram is also the center of education, government, and commerce in West Nusa Tenggara province. Although 80 percent of the population is currently Muslim, Mataram still retains a large number of historical artifacts belonging to Hinduism, and, like other areas in Indonesia.

Mataram also displays the region's pre-colonial history It is best to visit Mataram in June and July when the weather is drier and temperatures are not as high as in January.

Sightseeing in Mataram

Batu Payung Beach

Batu Payung Beach

This beach is named because of a large rock on the beach that resembles an umbrella, and the rock has become the focal point of the beach, especially in low tidal times where visitors can take a range of wonderful photographs. Batu Baying Beach is ideal for couples and families.

Bora Agung Narmada

Pura Agung Narmada Hugh is one of the most important Hindu temples in Lombok.

The temple was built in 1727 AD and forms part of the palace complex where the king resided. The temple grounds also consist of many swimming pools as well as a beautiful garden, and the temple is characterized by a lot of tranquility and peace.

Islamic Center Mosque

The Islamic Center Mosque has beautiful minarets and looks great throughout the day. It features beautiful design and charming sparkling lighting in the evening, and unlike other mosques, the mosque is open only to Muslims.


Griya is a small art gallery and is an interesting point for anyone interested in art and furniture, especially those materials made from recycled materials, knowing that most of the artwork and furniture are on sale.

Mount Rinjani

Of course, the main attraction in Mataram is Mount Rangani which is about 3.7 km (2.2 km) high, the second-highest mountain in Indonesia, making it a very popular and charming destination among locals and tourists. 

You can use a local guide to help you climb this magnificent mountain If you want, hikers sometimes choose to stay on the mountain for a day, so if you want, make sure you don't miss the opportunity to see the magnificent sunrise!

Puri Mas Spa Resort

The spa is one of the most important places for visitors in any tourist destination. Enjoy a great afternoon at Buri Mas Spa Resort just for relaxation.

The resort is dedicated to meeting your spiritual needs and self-indulgence and boasts first-class service and beautiful places. The spa uses products from Babur Germany and has facial treatments that suit all skin types and bodies, so don't worry if you have sensitive skin.

Lombok Handicraft Center

The traditional crafts in Lombok are mainly made of bamboo and clay, most notably the traditional woven baskets.

In that wonderful city, you can visit the Lombok handicraft center, which has many traditional items for sale, making it the perfect place to buy some traditional souvenirs to your friends and family.

All prices in this exhibition are fixed and fixed but they are reasonable prices.

West Nusa Tenggara State Museum in Mataram

Visit the West Nusa Tenggara State Museum to learn about the Sasak ethnic culture, where you can learn about some interesting traditions of local people, with opportunities to discover the geology of the area, with a range of fascinating jewelry displays.

Perhaps the highlight of the small museum is that it is air-conditioned and quiet, and may surprise the small gift area with some items worth buying.

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