Travel tips to Germany this summer

Travel tips to Germany this summer

In the summer, tourism trips to Germany are increasing. It is a charming European destination that never loses its glamor and it enjoys a variety of tourist activities that suit all people.

Today we will provide you around a set of the most important tips you should know before traveling to Germany this holiday season.

Know the weather

Before traveling, you should know the weather in Germany. The atmosphere is cool and rainy in autumn and spring. The summer season eases moderation, but it is also the season of tourist congestion.

Application of laws

In Germany, it is preferable to carry a proof of identity or passport at all times, as the security officer may ask to see it and this is a rule for all tourists.

Follow the rules of walking

When you walk in the streets, you should walk on the sidewalk and respect the traffic rules and not walk in the cycling lane designated for cycling only.

Keep cash money

You should always keep enough paper money because credit cards are not accepted everywhere in Germany, especially coffee shops and remote local stores.

Choose comfortable shoes

Normal walking is very common in Germany as well as cycling. While tourists are always advised to walk in Germany, it is necessary to take comfortable and suitable hiking shoes where German streets are paved with pebbles.

Learn some keywords

Most citizens in Germany are fluent in English and will be able to deal with them smoothly, but in some cities away from tourist areas, you may have trouble understanding the local population and the elderly so you have to know some keywords.


Tipping in Germany does not impose. It is not necessary to pay the tipping with every invoice unless you want.


We prefer not to rent cars in Germany because of the busy roads, which make driving difficult, in addition to high fuel prices and parking, as well as the use of taxis will cost you a lot .. Reliance on public transport in Germany is very sophisticated and convenient and saves a lot of money.

Learn about working hours

Sunday is a holiday where all the shops are closed and on normal days the shops close at 6 pm and close at 8 am.

Metro rules and train tickets

When using the metro and trains in Berlin, you will be surprised that there is no security officer to see the ticket before entering the train, but that does not mean you do not buy the ticket, as a fine to forget buying the ticket 60 euros without exceptions.

After purchasing the ticket, you must pass it through a special device at the station to document it and record the time, station and hour. If you do not take this step, you will also be penalized without a chance to clarify your position.

Keep enough coins to enter the bathroom

You will need coins while you are in Germany. Access to public baths at train stations, bus stops, shopping centers, and restaurants costs you about 50 cents and you will need money for feces!

Know the type of water before buying

Buying water bottles from shops and kiosks in Germany can be a complex experience. Usually, water is gas or carbonated, and many brands offer different types of gas grades, which makes you confused when purchasing. If you want to buy pure water, explain it to the seller.

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