Exceptional Tourist Experiences In South America

Exceptional Tourist Experiences In South America

There is no doubt that the continent of South America enjoys an extraordinary beauty spread across the countries of the continent, which can be made amazing tourist experiences in it ... From visiting the salt flats to the exotic mountains and ancient monuments and virgin nature and many more, we chose today 6 exceptional tourist experiences in South America. Follow this unique list.

Cachoeira do Tobog√£ in Brazil

Near the tourist town of Paraty in Brazil, Cachoeira does Toboga is a large, wide and smooth rock covered by a high layer of flowing water. This makes the rock a stunning water slide into a natural swimming pool in an exceptional experience ... but if you do not want to venture so far, visiting the place is charming in itself, and you can see locals doing acrobatics at the rock.

Another bridge made of ropes in Peru

Peru has maintained the Qiswa Chaka Bridge, a rope bridge located near the Cusco area of ​​the country, in recognition of the heritage and culture of the region's residents. In June each year, the bridge is installed and strengthened using ancient Inca civilization techniques that were strongly present in the place. The bridge rises 45 meters at its beginning and about 18 meters at its end over the waters of a river. One of the most important experiences you can do is cross this bridge and make sure that this adventure is never forgotten.

The magical mountain of Montana Magica in Chile

In the most beautiful of natural beauty, the Magic Mountain Hotel in southern Chile offers a fascinating view of nature, surrounding forests and the stunning biological reserve of Huilo Huilo. What makes the hotel a great experience when visiting Chile is its volcano-shaped shape, with water coming out above and the jungle that spoils the hotel ... The magical mountain takes two hours to get there from the nearest place, but the experience of staying in the cozy wooden hotel rooms will never be seen Anywhere else inevitably.

Salt flats in Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt flat in the world at 3,000 meters above sea level in the Bolivian Andes. Imagine 11,000 meters of stunning salt flats in a form where the place was a dry lake and turned into this strange shape. If you decide to visit the place during the rainy season between January and April, the place turns into a mirror effect which gives a more dramatic character on the scene ...

Cano Cristales River in Colombia

Between the months of June and November, the Canio Cristalis River in the Colombian Meta region is transformed by a spectacular watering plant called Macarenia Clavigera, giving the river a new title "Liquid Arc" in a world-like landscape. !

Surfing the sand in Peru

In the Peruvian desert, Huacachina is a small oasis in a town built around palm trees with a water area that residents say is characterized by therapeutic benefits. The main reason that attracts visitors to the area is actually to test the sand skating so you can hire custom mechanisms for it and test this wonderful feeling.

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