Great Adventures In Exceptional Beaches

Great Adventures In Exceptional Beaches

There is a misconception among many tourists that we can not go to the beach and have a great adventure at the same time. However, this is not true, the beach also offers some opportunities for great trips. Here's a list of some of the best places you can visit on its stunning beaches and enjoy great adventures at the same time.


The Caribbean is a great place for any tourist looking for some rest on the beach, but there is also plenty to do for those who want to venture on vacation. The island of Nevis, for example, provides mountain bikers with off-road access, both easy and extremely difficult, while enjoying stunning scenery during your trip. You can also go hiking or climbing there.

Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales

Pembrokeshire coast on the southwestern coast of Wales is a magnet for adventurous travelers who enjoy co-existence, jumping on the slopes, windsurfing and swimming in the sea caves.

You can also hike and cycle along the 186-mile-long Pembrokeshire coastal road. Also, you can climb a rock and ride in the sand.

If you enjoy exploring, there are more than 40 fortress fortresses of the Iron Age, Norman castles, medieval times and cities that also roam around.

Hamilton Island, Australia

The Australian island of Hamilton is a great tourist destination for travelers who like to combine sunbathing on the soft sand with a healthy dose of adventure. Catseye Beach, for example, is a great choice for people who like to dive in the calm waters.

On the beach, you can practice archery, windsurfing, ice skating, and other water sports. The adventure of sailing on a 36-foot raft is also a cherished option.

Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica has a lot of activities to enjoy: beach volleyball games, great windsurfing or paddling, long hiking trails, and nearby mountain biking. Travelers can join the locals in the Pacific Waves, or explore the challenging terrain overlooking the beach from nearby Santa Monica mountain trails.

The South Coast Bicycle Trail runs along the sand from Malibu to Torrance and provides a great path for cyclists. The roads are a great way to stay near the beach, with plenty of opportunities to stop for a quick swim to cool in the ocean.

Penghu ​​Archipelago in Taiwan

Consisting of more than 50 picturesque islands, this archipelago is located just north of the equator, so it is the perfect tropical retreat for spring and autumn visits. The warm turquoise waters surround the towering basalt slopes, lined with pristine white sandy beaches and abundant coral reefs to explore.

Kayaking is one of the best ways to explore this archipelago and is the only way to visit many amazing basalt columns at uninhabited entrances.

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