Wonderful Places in Southern of Lebanon

Wonderful Places in Lebanon-Zem tour Wonderful Places in Southern of Lebanon

Lebanon enjoys a great tourist status with its privileged location on the Mediterranean Sea and enjoys the archaeological monuments resulting from the passage of several civilizations through it, in addition to the charming nature between the mountains and the reserves.

Lebanon is one of the most important destinations of Arab tourists, especially the South Lebanon region, which is full of unique destinations and attractions that provide an enjoyable summer trip.

Today, we will meet with you on some of the best tourist spots in South Lebanon for a wonderful family holiday this summer.

Sidon Sea Castle

The sea fortress is located in Sidon on the Mediterranean Sea, providing a magnificent panoramic view of the south. The castle has an ancient and distinctive architectural style, built at the time of the Crusades in the 13th century.

Nejmeh Square

Star Plaza in Sidon is a major tourist attraction with historical buildings dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries and has an attractive heritage, as well as historical religious buildings such as the Jewish temple and the Christian school.

Khan Al Franj Khan

Khan Frenj is a historical market dating back to the 16th century and enjoys an architectural style in the style of Islamic architecture, one of the most beautiful tourist areas in southern Lebanon and attracts many tourists.

There are many shops selling handcrafted goods and souvenirs. Al Khatt has a magnificent building with arches, gates, a large courtyard and a fountain, which is unique and charming.

Saida Souq

The historic Saida market is characterized by an architectural style that combines Romanian, Islamic and Ottoman civilizations. Visitors enjoy walking around corridors and corridors with old buildings and purchasing distinctive goods and cuisine.

Beach photos

The beach of Sur is one of the most beautiful places of recreation and recreation in South Lebanon where visitors go for swimming, water sports, and relaxation with the sea and sand scenery. The beach is also full of restaurants and cafes.

Mleeta Resistance Tourist Landmark

Milta is one of the most spectacular rocky areas in southern Lebanon. It also includes a monument that reveals the history of Lebanese resistance against Israel through a museum of caves and tunnels used by the resistance as a hiding place.

Shouf Biosphere Reserve

The charming nature of southern Lebanon offers a wonderful opportunity to relax, including the Chouf Reserve, which is made up of gardens, mountains, meadows, lakes, and remains of archaeological castles, ideal for lovers of adventure and recreation in nature.

Temple of Eshmun

The Temple of Ashmoun is one of the most important landmarks of southern Lebanon. It dates back to the 7th century BC during the Phoenician civilization and was named after the god of Ashmoun, the god of Sidon.

Al Bass site or photo effects Al Bass Archaeological Site
The Al Bass site is one of the most important archaeological sites in southern Lebanon, where the Roman civilization has witnessed important monuments such as funerary temples, cemeteries, a race track and an ancient road that was built in the second century.

Beiteddine Palace

Bait El-Din Palace is located on a hill in the vicinity of the Chouf reserve, overlooking charming scenes of meadows and orchards. This palace was built in the 19th century and is decorated with exquisite Arab architecture and artistic festivals.

The town of Jezzine

Jezzine is a charming town in the south of Lebanon. It enjoys a high position on the sea, making it spectacular and enchanting. It is characterized by green lawns, the charm of valleys, waterfalls, forests and dense trees in a breathtaking view.

Archeological Harbor 

Teacher Al Mina Archaeological Site, The harbor landmark is an archaeological remain dating back to the 3rd century BC, some of which are submerged by water and feature Roman architecture and mosaics. The archaeological remains include columns, a Roman bath, and a Roman gymnasium.

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