The Most Elegant Cities Around The World

Most Elegant Cities Around The World-Zem tour The Most Elegant Cities Around The World

If you are looking for elegance in the details of your tourist trip, what you want consists of a mix of architecture and landscape, artistic and cultural, fashion and historical value and direct offers and others. In this article, we will identify the most elegant cities around the world to choose your next elegant journey, according to an electronic poll conducted by the site "Zalando".


Between 400 cities entered the competition It was not strange that Paris wins the title of the most elegant city, the city in the end called the city of lights! The elegant Paris is a wonderful embodiment of French painting, literature, French cookery and more ... generations of Parisians kept the city to preserve its history and dazzling details. Wherever you look in Paris there is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Paris and take pictures, especially the medieval streets of the Latin Quarter, historic avenues, the cathedral, bridges, green parks and many more ...


There is no doubt that the British capital is a major tourist destination for tourists and it is ranked second in the ranking of the most stylish cities around the world. London visitors feel that it is close to them, thanks to its elegance in all the details and attract them because of its varied pulse and modern culture that adjoins those old ones. London is a fascinating mix of old, modern British history along with many tourist attractions that fascinate visitors.


Imagine the sights of the big boulevards, horse-drawn carriages and literary cafes: Well, you would not imagine it just because it is actually in the Austrian capital of Vienna, which ranks third among the most elegant cities. Whatever the elegant element you are looking for, you will find in Vienna the features of classical music, modern design and historic buildings ... You can do many activities that express this trend such as attending one of the great orchestral or operatic performances ...


If you want to ask a group of travelers about the experiences that have made them a lot of travel, some will say safari in Africa for example or discover a distant island but many will also say: Venice. It is the distinctive destination and ranks the fourth most elegant city in the world. When you visit Venice, you will understand more why people travel and are rewarded in the magic that shines between the present and the past. The greatness of the palaces, bridges, cathedral and canals of Venice has not changed, so it is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the world ...


Although the city of Florence is not very large, but we must know that this city was the cradle of the Renaissance, so it is considered a tourist treasure, historical and cultural great in Italy and therefore express the city of Italian elegance with distinction. A journey through the streets of Florence means a journey in history and beauty as well as in the folds of the present and the preservation of these memories. Today Florence is a diverse cultural gem and is reflected in a range of festivals, shows and markets in Florence throughout the year.

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