Top 06 Best Restaurants in Japan

Best Restaurants in Japan-Zem tour

Top 06 Best Restaurants in Japan

Japanese love to eat outside, so it is easy to find many wonderful restaurants throughout the country, including the capital of Tokyo, the home of many wonderful local restaurants, Michelin-starred restaurants, and many other fine restaurants in other Japanese cities such as Kyoto, Known as the City of a Thousand Temples, you can enjoy the delicious local cuisine of the city after spending the day visiting the city's famous temples and famous landmarks.

You can also find great restaurants serving Japanese cuisine as well as world-famous Asian dishes in other Japanese cities such as Osaka and Yokohama.

Here are the best restaurants in Japan.

Restaurant Josh Sukiyabashi, Tokyo

It is one of the best sushi restaurants in Japan and is a favorite of celebrities from all over the world. The restaurant is run by the famous 89-year-old Japanese chef Giro Ono, which is also every piece of sushi served in the restaurant. Sukiabashi Giro is not only ideal for the best sushi, but also an ideal place to learn the basics of how to prepare sushi and how to eat it. Properly, the type of sauces and entrees are eaten with sushi.

Hajime Restaurant, Osaka

One of the Japanese Michelin restaurants and the founder of this restaurant and the chef in the restaurant is the Japanese chef Unida Hajime and the story of his career in early cooking. He did not like cooking from the start like many professional chefs, the first is mathematics and engineering. He earned a university degree in this field and then worked in the field of electronic design for a few years. Before going to cooking, he studied French and Japanese culinary arts. Today, Unida has become one of the best restaurants in Osaka. The wonderful techniques are the beginning and the wonderful art of preparing and presenting dishes that seem to have been influenced by the scientific background of Mr. Hajji.

Restaurant "Kohaku", Tokyo

Kohaku Restaurant is located in Tokyo's Kajurazaka district, a superb 3-star Michelin restaurant. Koji Koizumi is run by this restaurant. The restaurant is renowned for its traditional Japanese cuisine, especially traditional Japanese cuisine, especially Kaiseki, a variety of Japanese meals served in small quantities, allowing guests to experience as many traditional Japanese dishes as possible.

Chihana Restaurant, Kyoto

Chihana Restaurant is located in Kyoto's Gyeon neighborhood. The restaurant was opened in 1946 and has since become a destination for Japanese favorites. This wonderful little restaurant is hidden in the side street of one of Kyoto's busiest areas, and the restaurant is famous for kaisy, as well as a range of exquisite Japanese cuisine with innovative touches.

Restaurant "Manchinro Honten", Yokohama

Manchinro Honten, located in Yokohama's Chinatown and built in 1892, is one of the oldest restaurants in Chinatown and one of the city's oldest restaurants. The restaurant is famous for its Chinese cuisine, especially Cantonese cuisine. And its impressive interior design, one of the most famous foods in this restaurant is eating sweets, dumplings, crab meat, anemitsu, a famous Japanese dessert.

Yoko Sushi Restaurant, Osaka

Yakko Sushi is located on the famous shopping street of Tengenbashi┼čuji in Osaka, the longest shopping street in Japan. It is just a few minutes from the bus station and is one of the favorite sushi restaurants for many.

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