Things Should Know Before Traveling To Cuba

Things to Know Before Traveling To Cuba-Zem tour

Things You Should To  Know  Before Traveling To Cuba

 Many people asked this question what do i need for cuba ?

Cuba is likely to be different from any tourist destination you have decided to visit previously. 

There is no doubt that the country is very beautiful and tourists are discovering now that the decision to open up to the rest of the world is very obvious, but  you will definitely notice differences from other regular tourist destinations. Follow with us things you should know before get visa to visit Cuba and then plan for a trip that will not resemble any other tourist trip.

Currencies, Credit Cards, and Cash

You should know that a few shops and tourist establishments in Cuba deal with credit cards, so your primary and essential credit must be cash.

You should know that customs rules only allow you to transfer $ 5,000 upon arrival and may not allow you to enter if you carry more than that amount. You also have to switch your money from other currencies to local currency because any foreign currency is not acceptable in the country and you have to pay in local currency only.

Hotel or Private House ?

The hotel system in Cuba is different from anywhere else in the world. The hotels here are state-run, and there are private homes that can be chosen as accommodation during your trip.

 Both options have the positives or negatives that we will try to shorten for you. We start with hotels that go to the state. They include services such as electronic booking, the internet, medical services, and other tourist services, but in return, it is very expensive and the star ratings may not always reflect the reality of the hotel. 

On the other hand, for private homes, the services provided and their quality vary radically from house to house and are suitable for those looking for exploration and knowledge rather than tourism.

Internet Difficulty And Work From Distance

Access to the Internet is very limited, and includes internet in hotels where the network connection rates may reach $ 12 per hour and the service is generally not open and you may find it difficult to do anything other than losing your email and contacts. 

In recent years, a number of Wi-Fi hotspots have been set up in public areas, with subscriptions ranging from $ 1 to $ 1.50 per hour, but the service is slow and unstable especially in the afternoon as the users are many and the speed is slow.

You'll Need Maps
The lack of Internet accessibility means that Google Maps does not help you in your travel so it is best to go back to traditional tools such as printed maps and tour guide, because you will definitely need them. 

On the other hand, the Cubans are welcoming tourists and will help you ask them. You should also try to download applications with maps that can be used without the Internet and will also include some important tourist information and suggestions.

Quick Pieces Of Information To Know

1- You are Always welcome to Cuba, but you will not need to leave 10% to 20%. Just leave a dollar or a little more to leave a positive impression and you are welcome to the service providers there.

2- The best way to travel in Cuba is the taxi, which is not very expensive and distinctive you will have the opportunity to ride traditional cars dating back to the fifties of the last century!

3- Bring with you some basic things from home because if you decide to buy them in Cuba it will be expensive compared to your country prices especially sunscreen or cosmetics and others ...

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