Required documents to obtain a visa for work in the UAE

documents for visa to UAE-Zem tour

Required documents to obtain a visa for work in the UAE

In this article, you will know the documents required to obtain a work visa in the UAE, as well as a lot of information about traveling to the UAE to work. After arriving in the UAE, the procedures for getting a job start, and the visa does not necessarily give you work.

How to Obtain a Business Visa in the UAE:

You decide to travel to the UAE for working there, so you should first know that the UAE does not grant a work visa directly if  you enter the country with an entry visa for tourism or Entry visa for visit you need to get a job contract in order  to convert it to a work visa,  the procedures for getting a job start and the visa is not  necessary, It gives you access to work, your work may be refused within the country and return to your home country.

Required documents to obtain a work visa in the UAE:

- Copy of the passport, valid for 6 months colored and clear.
- A clear color image with a white background.
- Original certified certificate of graduation.
- A reliable marriage contract document.
- Birth certificates for children who wish to include their families are approved.
- Copies of the passport of the wife or husband and the children.
- The baby and the wife's picture are clearly colored with a white background.

How to validate the required documents :

First: - First: validate the certificate of graduation.

You must obtain the original certificate, not the temporary certificate, then you must obtain it from the Dean of the Institute
 with the stamp and logo, and then go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to obtain the ratification of the certificate with the Ministry logo,

after that go to the office of the UAE attaché and the UAE embassy to certify the certificate.

Second: Documenting the marriage contract.

Authentication of the deputies of the authorized marriage, and then the adoption of the Ministry of Justice, and then the dependence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country, then go to the UAE Embassy to certify the contract.

Third: Documentation of birth certificates.

In the beginning, birth certificates must be digital in order to be accepted by the UAE authorities.

You need to certify the birth certificate from your child's civil registry, then obtain the certification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then the UAE Embassy.

After all the required documents have been completed, your papers will be ready, and it must be taken into consideration that the documents are completed and you will require to pay a sum of money.

Types of visa to enter the UAE

1- Entry visa to work:
It is either obtained through a contract with a company through the travel office, or by contracting with a UAE company directly without an intermediary.

2- Entry visa for visit:
The visa for the visit shall be granted to the holder in the UAE after obtaining it within two months. The visit shall be for 30 days from the date of entry. The period may be renewed twice in a row.

3- Entry visa for tourism:
Granted by the tourism companies of your country, a one-month duration and can be extended another month through the tourism company.

4- Visa for work assignment:
This visa is granted to corporate managers, their representatives, corporate and institutional auditors, sales managers, and incoming engineers at the request of institutional owners for a period of 14 days and non-renewable.

 5-Visa for several trips
This visa is granted to foreign businessmen, who have a relationship with a multinational company, for 30 days and can be renewed for up to 6 months.

Can Visa Tourism be converted into a work visa in the UAE?

To answer this question, we say: Yes, Visa can be converted into a work visa in the UAE after you get the job,however, it must be taken into account that the tourist visa is not less than three months so that you can find work there, but if it is one month you will not be able to work in this short period.
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