Great tips when traveling to Croatia

Tips Travel to Croatia-Zem tour
Great tips when traveling to Croatia 

Do not stay in the old town of Dubrovnik

If you are staying in Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you do not live in the old city itself, especially as Dubrovnik becomes overcrowded during the summer months. We recommend that you find accommodation in Lapad, where you can easily travel by buses, The Lapad lies about 10 minutes away from the main gate in Dubrovnik.

Things to know if you plan to walk through the walls of Dubrovnik:

If you plan to walk through the walls of Dubrovnik, start early in the morning or in the late afternoon. If you are there in the summer, be sure to wear comfortable shoes so you can walk comfortably and take water with you, because there are a few places to buy water or drinks along the way and they are expensive.

Plan very carefully when you go to the old town of Dubrovnik :

Dubrovnik turns into a busy destination in the summer, especially when there are plenty of cruise ships in the harbor. stay a while out of town. Almost everyone walks in and out through one main gate, imagining that a few thousand people are trying to get in and out at the same time ...

Visit neighboring countries:

You will find excellent routes when traveling to Croatia, perhaps the most beautiful in Europe, and from there you can travel between nearby Montenegro and Bosnia, as destinations close enough for day trips if you are in Dubrovnik.

Trip to Split:

If you are traveling to Split think of a boat ride from Dubrovnik, on a wonderful trip that gives you relaxation as you sail on the Adriatic coast between scenic views with wonderful views of some of the islands along the coast.

Stay in the old town of Split:

If you go to Split, you can stay in the old city, it is a truly magical city and a great destination to visit to settle in. It is fairly central and there are plenty of great places to visit in Split.

Buy shoes if you plan to go swimming:

Buying swimming shoes is essential when swimming, especially as the Dalmatia coast not only has sandy beaches but also a range of stunning rock beaches, and you will also need it if you plan to swim in the beautiful Croatia Falls.

Take some money with you:

Although Croatia is part of the European Union, it uses its own currency known as Kuna. The euro also seems widely accepted, and there are many ATMs and many places to accept, including in Dubrovnik and in Split, and it is always better for you to always have some cash with you.

Refill your water bottles from the fountains:

Save some money, help the environment and reuse water bottles when traveling to Croatia. There are plenty of fountains on the streets of Dubrovnik where you can refill your bottles for free, which saves you a lot of money.

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