The Most Famous Restaurants In The World

Famous Restaurants In The World-Zem tour

The Most Famous Restaurants In The World

Osteria Franciscana Restaurant - Italy

This restaurant has been named as the best restaurant among the top 50 restaurants around the world and is one of the most famous restaurants in the world. This is due to the uniqueness of the combination of traditional Italian dishes and innovations at the same time.

The restaurant is managed by the Swiss chef Daniel Home, That the title of the best restaurant has come to him after confirmation of 1000 independent experts among the chefs, specialists, restaurant owners and journalists, and the award of the best restaurant is the magazine Restaurant.

Restaurant Ithaa - Maldives

One of the most famous restaurants in the world, a feeling that combines the fear and happiness when sitting at Ithaa restaurant in the Maldives, and this restaurant is the first in the world under the water with a design in the form of fish aquarium huge transparent acrylic, and the cost of financing this restaurant is five million dollars, This restaurant enjoys the pleasure of seeing the coral reefs, the strangest sea creatures and enjoying seafood tasting a buffet cost  $ 300 . The restaurant puts a list of 23 seafood specialties in your hands.

Solo Per Due - Italy

Although the restaurant is the smallest in the world, it is among the most expensive restaurants in the world and is also one of the most famous restaurants in the world. It can only accommodate two people for only one table.

For every two people who wish to have a romantic dinner, the price of an Italian single dish is  $ 426, although some may resent sitting in a place where there is no one, it is really wonderful, I think, with a unique service as well as sitting in a building from the 19th century, the restaurant origins  belongs to his owner the greatest Latin poets Horace.

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee - France

Surely the most affluent people will have gone or will definitely visit this lavish restaurant when they visit the French capital of Paris. 

The grandeur and splendor of this restaurant are unparalleled. It has been built in a majestic style and is attributed to the most famous chefs in France. you can take a french Classic taste only for $ 200.

Sketch Restaurant - London

This luxury restaurant deserves the title of the Heart of London City Museum, close to Regent Street, consisting of 4 individually designed rooms to enchant those who enter it.

Strangely, the price of appetizers is more expensive than the main dishes, priced only at $ 149, appetizers $ 300 and more. The restaurant attracts tourists who flock to the city, a 19th-century museum and a restaurant at the same time.

The walls are decorated with paintings and designs, and the tables and chairs are made in a very luxurious and modern way. The owner is Algerian, Mourad Mazouz.

Restaurant Masa - New York

Before making the decision to enter this restaurant you must know the prices to avoid critical situations. The prices start at $ 600. As for the quality of the food, most Japanese and seafood, the restaurant serves about 20 main dishes.

The restaurant and cooks are supervised by Japanese Masa Takayama, and the information indicates that the bill for eating two people will not be less than $ 1190, while the drink will be in a separate account, amounting to 250 dollars per person.

Eagle Ski Club Restaurant - Switzerland

This restaurant is a great choice for all the rest of the world's restaurants. Entry to it requires an urgent need to enroll in the Eagle Ski Club as a result of it, and the information is that the membership costs $ 50,000.

Of course, these restaurants are not only the best and most famous in the world. You can add a comment to a restaurant that you think is among the best in the world. 

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