Exceptional Places For Ice Cream In London

Places For Ice Cream In London-Zem tour
Exceptional places for ice cream in London

All of us like ice creams, especially in the summer. The fact that ice cream is a favorite cross-continental food, do not miss the experience of tasting some great ice cream during your trip to London, even if the weather is cloudy.

Here are exceptional places to eat ice cream in London.

Romeo & Giulietta Artisan Gelateria

This shop is managed by a young couple from Romania, who lived in Italy and transferred their experience to the heart of London. They offer many delicious ice cream flavors, such as black rice and ricotta with figs in caramel and dark chocolate, and much more. Do not hesitate and try out many flavors.


Gelupo has become one of the most successful ice cream shops in London. It offers fantastic gelato, granita, and sorbet. This summer, new flavors include peanut butter, strawberries, and strawberries, as the flavor of olive oil and rosemary is surprising. You'll notice that a long line of people is always waiting in front of the store, do not be surprised.

Snowflake Luxury Gelato

There are branches for Snowflake throughout London, from Bayswater to Soho, so you will always be close to tasting this wonderful gelato. It is made from Organic Jersey Milk and has won multiple awards of the flavors it offers. If you want to experience an unfamiliar tasting, tasting Torta Della Nona, or white chocolate and rose water.


Gelatorino shop is the most authentic in London. Very refreshing, you can even see the ice cream maker while working and inquire about what is in the machine. Taste a few flavors in one glass to enjoy a wonderful blend of ice creams.


Scoop provides ingredients from all over the world: cocoa from Ecuador, nutty nuggets from Italian Piedmont, vanilla from Madagascar, French Polynesia, and cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Be bold and try some wonderful flavors in spite of their taste.


It is the first branch in the UK for the exquisite Italian ice cream chain in more than 60 stores in Italy. Start with classic flavors such as pistachio, chocolate, and coffee, and then go to the special Grom flavor of Crema di Grom (pastry cream with meliga biscuits and chocolate pieces), and do not miss the delicious mango sorbet in the summer. All ingredients are normal.

Soft Serve Society

This shop is inspired by some Asian regions and offers unusual flavors: black salsa (served in a black cone), while sundae is served in cups to accommodate many ingredients. Choose pieces coated with honey, orio, or other.

Morelli's Gelato

Five generations passed on this wonderful ice cream, where the first store opened on the waterfront in Broadstairs in 1932 and still works. Choose from a daily selection of 20 flavors, but do not miss classic flavors such as hazelnuts and chocolates.

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