Summer Tourist Sites In California

Summer in California-Zem tour

Summer tourist sites in California

California is one of the most famous and most diverse states in the USA. Also, some places in the C.A are preferred to visit during summer for a variety of factors including weather, activities, and others...

In the following list, you will see many of the famous landmarks of the state such as San Diego beach and other places. Get to know California's best summer resorts and experience the fun in a fun way.

Santa Barbara

Situated between the Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, this beautiful town features a charming natural landscape and many attractions. In the heart of Santa Barbara, the 18th-century State Street is home to many old shops, art galleries and museums scattered in the streets of the town.

For those looking for a hot summer sun in California, head to East Beach, famous for its delightful sunset, palm trees, and beautiful mountain backdrops. Santa Barbara also has beautiful gardens such as Lotusland, Orchid Estate and Botanical Gardens.

Venice Beach

This beachfront area is a vivid example of California's unique summer where people go there to discover the many facets of the city. On the Venice beach, you will find many artistic sites and artists displaying their street works, exclusive boutiques and unique souvenir shops.

On the beach walkway, you will find local artists performing musical and artistic performances. You can also choose an outdoor café to enjoy the enchanting scenery around you. At night, there are plenty of options to eat or spend time hiking and discover the beauty of California.

Sequoia National Park

One of the most beautiful natural spots in California in the summer and less crowded than Yosemite Park, which is full of visitors and tourists especially in the summer months. 

Sequoia's visit is unique at any time of the year but only during the summer, you can drive to the Kings Canyon, which is classified as the deepest valley downhill in North America. The park has a 2,000-year-old General Sherman tree and is believed to be in the middle of its life because it lives more than 3,220 years and is the largest tree in the world.

Lake Tahoe

With mild temperatures during the day and a nice night, Lake Tahoe is a wonderful summer retreat to try to stay away from the heat in California in summer.

There are many wonderful activities around and around the lake, such as enjoying walking trails and cycling tours. The lake lies along the border between California and Nevada, west of Carson City. Depth of 514 meters making it the second deepest lake in the United States.

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