The Most Beautiful Beaches In New York 2019

Most Beautiful Beaches In New York-Zem tour

The most beautiful beaches in New York in 2019

Amidst the tyranny of skyscrapers and the monumental landmarks of modernity, many visitors and tourists in New York City may forget that there is an essential part in Manhattan is actually an island and it is surrounded by waters what means there are options to go to the sea there! 

today you will see the best beaches in New York!

Coney Island Beach in Brooklyn

This beach located in New York it is a crescent beach hosting the Mermaid in June each year, which you should attend if you visit New York this year.

You can relax on the golden sands of the beach. You can taste or stroll along the long walkway.

The beach has an aquarium. In 2018, a restaurant was opened on the last floor of a building near the beach to give the visitors a pleasant look.

Brighton Beach in Brooklyn

The beach offers a large area for visitors with a water-walk near the facilities of the island of Kony, here on the beach will find more local residents than tourists, in fact, a mixture of Eastern Europe and Russia, where Brighton has the largest gathering of Eastern Europeans in the United States.

If you want to taste the cuisine of these countries, you can get a little further away from the beach and explore the traditional food markets there and the delicious restaurants.

Rockaway Beach in Queens

This is the best beach within New York's borders and provides a calm position for those seeking tranquility among the state's beaches.

Rockaway Beach also has a walkway for visitors and tourists and is suitable for windsurfing.

Fort Tilden Beach in Queens

It is almost a secret beach, not even known in New York, and stretches over 3 kilometers of clean sand, surrounded by trees and sand dunes that give it a secluded character even in the summer. But you should know that it is difficult to reach the beach by public transport or car so it is best to ride bicycles to get to it.

Jones Beach

This beach is located on Long Island and it's one of the most beautiful beaches in the state and although it is a little crowded in the summer but deserves a visit and explores.

The beach is suitable for families and can be easily strolled on the wooden walkway for distinguished times and take a great picture of the place.

Jacob Riis Park Beach

Jacob Riis Beach is known as the People's Beach, where it is famous for its numerous activities where concerts and musical performances are held, as well as beach ball courts and golf yards. Besides, you can spend a full day at the place where there are many restaurants, shops and tourist facilities around the beach.

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