Things to to conquer Jet lag

Things to to conquer Jet lag-Zem tour
Easy things to to conquer Jet lag 

Do you travel for pleasure or for business? In both cases, on long air distance, you risk suffering throw lag. To avoid the inconveniences of the time difference on your body and your mind, there are several parades: before, during and after your flight.

Linked by our care, specialists of throw lag worked out a list of things to be or not to be made on an air itinerary.

Here are some  advices  to overcome Jet lag:

1- Well sleep before a flight:
Pay attention to ensure a good sleep before starting a trip by air.

"A bad organisation, suitcases performed until late at night or quite other factor of stress risk exhausting you and will make acclimatisation more difficult in a new spindle per hour", explains Winter Christopher, researcher in neurosciences in Charlottesville (United States) and specialist of sleep troubles.

2- Equip yourself to sleep on the plane: 

To equip yourself to sleep on the plane is very important thing if you have difficulties in finding sleep during the  flight.
"In these case, be sure of taking a cushion of trip, a night mask and of wearing comfortable clothes", Winter Christopher suggests.

3-Set your alarm clock in anticipation of the time difference:

Christine Hansen,a  sleep specialist and editor of "Sleeping like a king", tells Business Insider that it takes a day to adjust  new time zone of jet lag.
"It means you can prepare your body in advance,"  "For example, if you are traveling to a destination that is 10 hours apart, you can anticipate what you are doing, whether you get up or go to bed each time two hours earlier or later. "

Some mobile apps like Timeshifter do the calculation  for you.

4- Playing sports on arrival:

"The exercise will circulate your blood, stimulates your endorphins and helps restore your biological rhythm,"
says :Nealy Fischer.

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